Cryptex - The Best Escape Game in Prague

Welcome to the exciting world of Cryptex! Are you ready for a special adventure to a different place, different era? All kinds of challenges are waiting for you, for your family and friends. All you have to do is to make an appointment, bring your imagination, your logic and have tons of fun!

Cryptex - is the best quest game (escape room game) in Prague, success of our winners less than 18% - it means that only 18% of people solved our puzzles and could get out from the room. Do you think that YOU CAN escape the room in 60 minutes ? Come and try!



Do you want to try Cryptex FOR FREE?

We have a special challenge for you then! If you can complete any of our games with absolutely NO HELP from the operator, your game was FREE! You have nothing else to do, but make an appointment until the 31.03.2016 and bring out your best to escape the room!

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